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Reader: With Its "Cool" Reputation, Colorado Could Become Another California

Lindsey Bartlett
A decade ago, the draw of Denver earned this state the nickname "Coolorado," when the Mile High City became the top draw for millennials looking for "cool cities" around the country. After the election of Jared Polis, talk-show host James Corden gave Colorado another boost, suggesting in a Late Late Show monologue that no state in the nation is cooler than Colorado.

"Another first: Democrat Jared Polis won his election in Colorado, making him the nation's first openly gay man to serve as governor. The first gay governor. Finally, finally, an American politician who knows about my Tony Award," Corden said, then added: "Think about this, though. Colorado has legal marijuana, great beer and now a progressive gay governor. Is it just me, or is Colorado becoming the coolest floor in America's dormitory?"

It wasn't just Corden; readers echo his sentiment.

Says Arriel: 
We've been cool. Why do you think we're called ColoRADo?
Agrees Jason: 
Colorado is freaking awesome!!
Robert makes a strategic comment:
 No, we’re not cool. Stay away!
Sarah adds to the satire: 
People need to know how godawful Colorado really is so they don’t get duped into moving here! I mean, come on, horrible weather where it’s hardly ever sunny, tons of weed overdoses, and rude people everywhere... don’t move here, all the good things you’ve heard are lies!    
Kristi has a serious warning:
Colorado will just become another California. Look how well that turned out.
Responds Lauren:
Colorado is not another California; GTF over it. The state is home to me, and it’s great still. Pack your fricking bags and don’t let the door hit all you man-bun Columbia-wearing fakeo outdoor enthusiasts in the ass on the way out.
Concludes Katharyn: 
If this means more people moving in, then these journalists and late night talk show hosts can all suck it. PS: Denver is great if you love increased rent and shoddy, lightening-quick development destroying Denver icons.  
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