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Reader: Gay Bars Are More Important Than Yuppie Wine Bars

Denver's first Postino took over an old bookbinding business.
Mark Antonation
Denver's first Postino took over an old bookbinding business.
Compound Basix, one of Denver's longest-running gay bars, held down the corner space at 145 Broadway for 25 years. But on October 28, the owners of Compound Basix and its building sold the property for just over $3 million. The address won't remain vacant for long; renovations are already in the works to turn this spot into Denver's second outpost of Phoenix-based Postino WineCafe, which currently has eight locations divided between Arizona, Texas and Colorado.

Money talks, and readers have been talking plenty about this deal.

Says Samantha: 
Holy crap, that's some serious cash.
Adds Gene: 
Three mil is quite an investment. I hope they can turn a profit on that. That bar back in the day, though!
Replies Emily:
 The Compound had some good drinks but overall was pretty dingy. That building badly needed a renovation.
Responds Ivy: 
Well, there goes the stiffest cranberry vodka for $3 I've ever had ....
Adds Lauren: 
Can think of a lot of things I could do with that $$$! And their drinks were no joke! Never heard of Postino, but down to check it out when it opens.
Notes Michele: 
It better be the best fucking panini I ever put in my mouth for 11 dollars (?).
Concludes Colin: 
Gay bars are more important than yuppie wine bars.
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