Colorado's Diabetes Rate Second Lowest in U.S. but Getting Worse
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The Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index has just issued a new report about the prevalence of diabetes in states and cities across the country, and as usual, Colorado and multiple communities here score very well.

But while Colorado has the second-lowest prevalence of diabetes in the United States, it's also the only state among the top six whose diabetes rate actually increased over the past ten years.

The complete report is accessible below. But here's the list of the ten states with the lowest diabetes rate during the 2016-2017 analysis period.
1. Alaska 8.4 percent
2. Colorado 8.6 percent
3. Montana 8.7 percent
4. New Hampshire 8.8 percent
5. Utah 8.9 percent
6. Vermont 8.9 percent
7. Massachusetts 9.0 percent
8. Minnesota 9.4 percent
9. Wyoming 9.5 percent
10. North Dakota 9.6 percent