Reader: All My Favorite Local Places Are Being Replaced

Danielle Lirette
On November 11, Govnr's Park hosted its last crowd of sports fans, poured its last beer, and then turned out the lights after 42 years in business. The owners had already closed the Paramount Cafe on the 16th Street Mall Labor Day weekend; the neighboring Marlowe's will end another long run on December 22. And then on December 23, the last restaurant in the group, Lala's, will close right around the corner from the now-empty Govnr's Park.

"We recognize the impression these restaurants have left in Denver, so we wanted to give as much notice as possible,” owners Mike Plancarte and John Ott said in a statement the day the Paramount closed. “We want to not only properly say goodbye, but also give our staff timely opportunity to find their next position. This is of utmost importance to us as we end this era.”

And when Govnr's Park closed, it definitely marked the end of an era. Comments Nick: 
Wow, the end of an era. Will be a vegan ramen house soon.
Recalls Jill: 
The first bar I went to when I moved to Denver in 1978.
Adds Daniel: 
Govnr's Park...about '78...we thought it was great...What the F did we know? Could get laid pretty easily...
Says Jeff: 
I used to love that place when I moved to Denver in the '90s.
Remembers Levi:
 I have so many memories from here...
Adds James: 
RIP Govnr's Park... I loved watching Chicago Bears games there every Sunday! The one place where I felt at home while I lived in Denver.
Says Keith:
 So sad...all my favorite local places seem to be going away replaced by huge multi-national conglomerations. Sign of the time.
Concludes Tracy: 
Bye, Denver, that I know and love.
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