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Reader: Casa Bonita Is to Meow Wolf as Colorado Springs Is to Denver

House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf's Santa Fe installation.
Phil Murray
House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf's Santa Fe installation.
Is Casa Bonita better than Meow Wolf? That's what a new bumper sticker showing up around Denver suggests, comparing the 44-year-old eatertainment complex in Lakewood with the Santa Fe-based DIY art project turned entertainment giant slated to open a massive venue in Denver in 2020. The stickers are being produced and distributed for free by two of Denver's more radical artist-led outposts: Georgia Art Space, run by Sommer Browning; and Peralta Projects, run by Esteban Peralta.

Responses to the bumper sticker came in fast and sometimes furious. Some readers are very protective of Casa Bonita, some excited about Meow Wolf coming to town...and others completely clueless about Meow Wolf, which has created a sensation in the immersive-art world.

Says Chandra: 
I'm having such an internal conflict right now! I have strong feelings about both, and I refuse to have to choose one over the other.
Replies Tessa: 
I love Casa Bonita. I've been going all my life. That having been said, CB is not even in the same universe as Meow Wolf!! Not even sure how this is a logical comparison! 
Comments Joe: 
I think I’m more of a Meow Wolf in the streets and a Casa Bonita in the sheets kinda guy.
Asks Jen:  
Why are they even comparing the two? Meow Wolf isn’t in competition with places like Casa Bonita. It’s actually trying to help support places like it, to keep them existing. It should be more like Meow Wolf is better than Amazon.
Responds Scott: 
Comparing Casa Bonita to Meow Wolf is like comparing Colorado Springs to Denver. Yes, I said it.
Says Aaron: 
Yeah, and James Buchanan was a better president than Lincoln.
Comments Matthew: 
When Meow Wolf enters into cultural legend status with South Park and a South Park video game, then we can talk. Actually, Meow Wolf is cool; looking forward to Denver branch opening up.
Adds Dustin:
 I bet Meow Wolf’s floors aren’t covered in three day old dried up shredded cheese
And Cory wonders: 
What if there's been an entrance to Meow Wolf hidden in Black Bart's Cave all along?
Keep reading for more on the Meow Wolf/Casa Bonita bumper well as a response from Meow Wolf.