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Reader: Hurry Up on Social Consumption, Since We Already Approved It

Jacqueline Collins
It's been more than two years since Denver voters approved Initiative 300, which was supposed to allow for social consumption sites in the city.

But today, only one such spot is open, while a second license has been approved. Those disappointing numbers have Denver City Council members wondering if it's time to change some of the provisions in the city's pilot program, including the 1,000-foot buffer from "vulnerable" organizations and businesses, which severely limits the options for anyone going for a license.

But readers have more suggestions: Says Dom: 
Here's a crazy idea: Implement it as it was voted on, instead of gutting it with committees. City council should not be able to go directly against the voters.
Adds KL:
 Hurry the fuck up, we voted for this already.
Explains Josh: 
It takes a politician to see 2+2 and arrive at 5. We already have licenses for bars and tobacco lounges. Come on, now. This should be easy.
Suggests Troy:
 How about just allowing it anywhere that cigarette smoking is allowed? Is that too difficult?
Respond Stan: 
That'll be the day, when we can smoke the winos off 16th Street .
Wonders Patrick:
 Don’t smoke in public, but soon safe shooting stations?
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