Ask a Stoner: Why Don't Dispensaries Sell Butter and Cooking Oil?

Dear Stoner: Why don't more dispensaries carry butter or cooking oil? I'd like the tools to make my own shit.
K Jiggles

Dear Jiggles: It's probably better to view dispensaries more like liquor stores than supermarkets or brewer-supply stores. Dispensaries want to sell you the finished product for several reasons, with money being the most obvious. It's more profitable for manufacturers and dispensaries to sell a finished product than it is for them to sell you all the tools, just as it's more expensive to order spaghetti at a restaurant than it is to buy the noodles, sauce and meatballs at the grocery store.
Besides, most consumers don't want to make their own edibles, even if the infusion process is done. While some medical marijuana dispensaries still stock infused butter and cooking oils for MMJ patients who make their own medicated food, recreational consumers haven't shown the same interest. They want their gummies, mints and candy bars, and they want them now.

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