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Reader: Anything Is Addictive to a Weak Mind

Jacqueline Collins
Is marijuana addictive? It is according to the American Addictions Centers, which included cannabis in a recent survey analyzing the costs of different addictions.

Marijuana is definitely cheaper than many substances to which people are addicted. But is it more dangerous than sugar? Caffeine? Sex? And our readers debate whether it's addictive at all.

Says Mary Jane: 
Habit-forming yes, addictive no.
 Adds Dan:
 1) Cannabis is not addictive. 2) It literally grows on trees.
Responds Aaron:
 1) Cannabis is mentally addictive. Physical is not the only addiction/dependency. 2) What the fuck does it matter where it grows? Strychnine is a plant. Does that make it safe?
Adds Joelle: 
Literally anything can be addictive, especially the shit that makes us feel good. It just doesn't act as a classically addictive substance in the brain. Doesn't mean it can't be addictive. The brain, body, and mind are all more complex than that.
Brent suggests:  
People who think that marijuana is never addictive have never been around people who dab. And if you're one of those people who takes 3-6 dabs before work, a few throughout the workday, and countless dabs when you get home, and think you're not's time to self-evaluate.

Don't get me wrong, I like a couple hits of flower before I go to bed, I'm just not one of those people who can pull off day to day life while high. Even me using it for sleep is a type of addiction.
Responds Mark:
 LOL. I used to be the all-day, everyday dabber/smoker for years and quit out of the blue with 0 problems. It is not physically addictive in any way. It is in people's heads.
Notes Chris: 
Anything is addictive to a weak mind.
Concludes Zachary:
 Find me just one person in the entire country not addicted to something...alcohol, opiates, caffeine, sugar, cocaine, money, working, sex.... we are ALL addicted to one thing or another, because life is fucking difficult. Addiction will improve only when inequality is properly addressed and people don't have to spend every waking moment thinking about how to survive the next day/month/year., a subsidiary of American Addiction Centers Inc., looked at how much heavy, daily use of nine common drugs can cost over spans ranging from one day to fifty years, and big surprise: They all end up being expensive.

According to the study, heroin and Oxycodone are the most expensive addictions, with their users taking an average of 10 grams of heroin or 80 milligrams of Oxycodone per day. The habits cost around $175 and $72.75 per day, respectively, with a daily cocaine habit of 1 gram per day costing an average of $62, according to the study.

The cheapest addictions are those that are legalized — or in marijuana's case, quasi-legalized, the study determined. Nicotine is the most affordable, costing a little over $11 per day on average, while beer came in second, at over $15 per day for around ten beers. At an average of $24 per day for 2 grams, marijuana came in third, with Vicodin and alcoholic spirits following close behind, at $30 and $30.88 per day.

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