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Reader: No Stall Doors? Thanks for Making Downtown Less Hospitable!

Chris Walker
Talk about a shitty situation: The Regional Transportation District says drug use has been so rampant at the Union Station bus concourse restroom that it had to remove all the stall doors in both the men's and women's bathrooms, and will replace them early next year with smaller versions.

Since we broke the story last weekend, readers have seemed equally offended at the thought of using the restroom without any cover and upset that RTD couldn't come up with another solution to offer some protection in the meantime.

Chris says:
Wow. Thanks for making downtown less hospitable.
Christopher replies:
Absolutely degrading! I have not used those bathrooms in a while...but if I did, it would be humiliating not having doors. Even half doors are ridiculous when you're 6 feet tall.
Jill asks:
Why don't they just institute bathroom attendants?
Venus notes:
This is not okay. I don't want to expose my privates and be left vulnerable like that in public. WTF! At least have a privacy curtain!
Brianna explains:
As wrong as this may seem, on so many levels, did any of you bother to even read the article? The doors are getting replaced. They aren't being removed permanently. Now that's not to say they should have waited to remove the old ones until the new doors come.
And Mitchell argues: 
This is why Denver needs supervised injections facilities.
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