The Ten Biggest Sports Stories of 2018

It's been a roller coaster of a year for Denver sports. The Rockies teased sports fans into thinking something magical would happen, only to get swept by the Brewers. The hugely disappointing Broncos are missing out on the playoffs. And the Nuggets have surprised everyone by jumping to the top of the Western Conference standings. From the inspirational to the disgraceful, here are the ten stories that defined local sports in 2018:

The Unstoppable Phillip Lindsay
Aurora native and South High School alum Phillip Lindsay tore through the record books as a CU Buffs football player. However, despite his blazing speed and uncanny playmaking ability, pro scouts still didn't believe in him enough to draft him. But after signing with the Broncos as an undrafted free agent, Lindsay began turning heads in summer camp and has emerged as the Broncos' top offensive player. Lindsay's production hasn't gone noticed, as he recently became the first undrafted offensive rookie to be selected for the Pro Bowl.

click to enlarge The  Rockies' Twitter account celebrated Charlie Blackmon's status as National League batting champ by giving him a crown. - @ROCKIES
The Rockies' Twitter account celebrated Charlie Blackmon's status as National League batting champ by giving him a crown.
The Rockies' Playoff Disappointment
The Rockies sure were entertaining this past season. A loss to the Dodgers in the playoff tie-break play-in game put the team's season in jeopardy, but the Rockies followed up that nail-biter with a win over the Cubs in a wild-card game. Unfortunately, the Brewers then swept the Rockies, ending one of the best seasons in franchise history.

Chad Kelly's Arrest
Saddled with a history of behavioral issues, backup Broncos quarterback Chad Kelly finally seemed to be turning things around. He looked accurate in camp, and certain media personalities were even clamoring for him to replace Case Keenum mid-season. But that opportunity never came, as Kelly found himself in trouble off the field. After disappearing from a Broncos Halloween party, he somehow wound up in a nearby home, muttering to himself on the couch. A resident of the house hit him with a vacuum hose and chased him out; police later arrested the QB, and the Broncos cut him soon after.

click to enlarge Demaryius Thomas is leaving Denver. - NFL VIA YOUTUBE
Demaryius Thomas is leaving Denver.
NFL via YouTube
Demaryius Thomas's Trade
After the Broncos' week-eight loss to Kansas City, five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Demaryius Thomas told Denver media that there was a 50-50 chance that he would be traded. His prediction came true when he was traded to the Texans. Days later, Thomas played against his former team, helping the Texans continue their mid-season winning streak. The trade made sense at the time for the Broncos, since the team was content to let rookie Courtland Sutton, a physical carbon copy of Thomas, line up across from Emmanuel Sanders. But Sanders ended up tearing his Achilles tendon, and that injury, combined with the Thomas trade, has led to a depleted Broncos receiving corps.

The Nuggets' Western Domination
This was supposed to be the Broncos' year. But now that the team has been eliminated from the playoffs, Denver sports fans can ease their collective suffering by focusing on the city's bright spot, the Nuggets. Sitting atop the Western Conference, the Nuggets have racked up one marquee win after another. Even more impressive, the team is doing so after coming off five consecutive seasons of failing to make the playoffs.