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The Monkey Barrel Is Delivering a Vinyl Experience to Your Living Room

Courtesy Monkey Barrel
No, not pizza: records and dessert from the Monkey Barrel.
What's round and flat and can be delivered to your house in thirty minutes or less? Well, yeah — pizza. But also vinyl, starting this week.

The Monkey Barrel, a Sunnyside neighborhood bar and music venue at 4401 Tejon Street, just struck a deal with Uber Eats to deliver records and dessert to customers hungry for chocolate cake and deep cuts. Owner Jimmy Nigg and "vinyl king" Ryan Dykstra have teamed up to offer a selection of albums, each delivered with dessert, for customers who just want to chill at home while enjoying an old-school music session.

"We've been doing events where we have a vinyl pop-up shop," Nigg explains of his partnership with Dykstra, who runs his own vintage record company. "You can't really match the experience of holding that vinyl in your hands and listening to the album in its entirety."

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Your next listening session.
Courtesy Ryan Dykstra

Here's the deal: Visit the Monkey Barrel's menu on Uber Eats and scroll down to the "Late Night Deal," where you can choose from several records to be delivered with chocolate cake for two. Dykstra is in charge of selecting the music, which Nigg says might turn over completely each month or get added to for more selection, depending on what customers are ordering. Dessert offerings will also be updated regularly. Prices range from $30 to $35, and you can also supplement your order with Beastie Burgers, Napoleon Dynamite tater tots (which will be delivered in a box, not the driver's pockets) or a selection of band-themed "Grungewiches."

For the opening round, the Monkey Barrel is stocking Wu-Tang Clan's Enter the 36 Chambers, Bassnectar's Vava Voom, Jimi Hendrix's Axis:Bold as Love and Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory. "We want people to be able to build a collection with different music types and genres," Nigg notes.

The bar owner explains that he's been looking at ways to share the Monkey Barrel's vibe, which is built around ’80s and ’90s music, for a growing number of customers who order pick-up and delivery or only come into the bar for a quick bite and drink. "Not as many people are staying out late," he notes. "Businesses rely on people coming in and spending money, but I thought, 'How can I deliver not just food, but how can I create an experience for them while adapting to people's preferences?'"

Of course, the Monkey Barrel is still there for you if you're looking for fun-themed brunches, Nintendo 64 tournaments, tribute bands and trivia nights and want to ditch the pajama pants and get out of the house. Visit the bar's Facebook page for events and updates to the vinyl delivery service.