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Slander Suit Against Filmmaker Patty Greer Dismissed, Then Refiled

Patty Greer found her calling making films about crop circles.
Crop Circle Films
Patty Greer found her calling making films about crop circles.
Filmmaker Patty Greer got an early Christmas present: After being slapped with a slander lawsuit by Louisville-based Gaia Inc. on August 6, the court dismissed the case without prejudice on December 14, noting that three months had passed without Greer being served.

But on December 27, Gaia filed a new lawsuit against Greer, asking for a million dollars in damages.

"The process server attempted to serve the complaint on Greer and Greer Films, but was not able to find them at any of the addresses where they were purportedly located," reads the second complaint. The physical address associated with Greer Films LLC is a solar-powered home Greer previously rented in unincorporated Boulder County; that house is now occupied by its owners.

Dubbed the Netflix of spiritual films, Gaia has a collection of more than 8,000 movies that can be streamed by 466,000 members in 180 countries. It owns the distribution rights to four of Greer's films.

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Patty Greer's films have been awarded five EBEs from the International UFO Congress convention.
Courtesy of Patty Greer
In its new lawsuit, Gaia repeats its allegations that in response to low viewership of her own films, Greer “embarked on a calculated and malicious course of conduct designed to attack Gaia’s business and its professional reputation.”

Greer has made eight documentaries since 2006, when she first visited a crop circle in Wiltshire, England. Her films have won eight awards, including five EBEs from the International UFO Congress convention.

In March 2011, Greer signed a ten-year contract with Gaia, which was then known as Gaiam, giving it exclusive rights to distribute four of her films in exchange for a $10,000 advance. According to the lawsuit, Gaia “never recouped the advance.” Greer says that in December 2015, Gaia agreed to resell her the distribution rights in exchange for Greer returning $2,134 of the advance. But Gaia also wanted her to sign a nondisclosure agreement, she adds, and when she refused, the deal was called off.

The lawsuit presents several videos as evidence of its allegations, including "Gaia TV Imploding, What's Next?"; Business Game Changers creator Sarah Westall produced parts one and two. Featuring Greer alongside "American alchemist" Laura Eisenhower, the videos discuss an infiltration of Gaia programming by Satanists and reptilians.

Greer says that she simply reports on what she’s read and heard from sources, and was fed information from disgruntled Gaia employees using the pseudonym #GEM.

"I know that someone sent dozens of letters to me personally as [email protected] that also reiterated the intense claims from David Wilcock’s resignation letter," Greer says, referring to a document that went viral, detailing why the famed spiritualist broke with Gaia in June. (Wilcock never publicly commented on the letter, nor did he respond to numerous inquires from Westword. Gaia's offices are closed for the holidays, and there was no response to a request for comment on the new suit.)

In August, Westall released a bare-bones video of Greer detailing what was happening with Gaia.

The new lawsuit quotes statements made by Westall, Eisenhower and others, and accuses Greer of knowing they “were false...and published...with the intent to cause harm to Gaia.”

After her experience with Gaia, Greer says she has no intention of making more movies. She's released her four films not contracted through Gaia for free on YouTube and her website. Those films include The Shift Has Hit the Fan, which gained more than 16,000 views.

“What I did was I made my movies free, because I’m done fighting bullies," Greer explains. "The letters that I get every single day are long, lengthy, loving, supportive, massive from all these different countries, and I have been hidden like nobody else in the field.”

While her attorney fights this new lawsuit (reproduced below), Greer is shifting her focus to "important energy work. It's serious prayer with a lot of intention. I plant my feet on the ground and connect to the Earth."