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Reader: City Should Spend Homeless Camp Cleanup Money on Mental Illness

Brandon Marshall
Records show that the City of Denver has paid Custom Environmental Services $400,000 since September 2017 to help sweep homeless encampments that pop up around the city. Homeless sweeps are already a controversial practice in Denver, and the new information revealed through a records request illustrates how costly they can be.

Readers have different ideas for how that money should be spent.

Barbara asks:

Can you imagine if Public Works and DPD “hired” the homeless to clean up the encampments and then gave each of them $500? They might spend it at Motel 6 or drugs, but it would still be less than $400K.
Lydie wonders:
Maybe that money would be better spent on increasing beds for mental illness.
Emily says:
In nine years in NYC I can count on one hand how many homeless I’ve seen actually sleeping outside. There you have two options if you have nowhere to go — let an officer take you to a shelter or jail. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but something needs to change out here. The city should take lessons from other cities thated have successfully addressed and fix this exact problem.
Kirk asks:
Why not spend that money on a solution? This is the same mentality Trump uses when he sent 5,000 troops to the border instead of 500 people to offer medical assistance and 500 people to process asylum claims.
Loren argues:
I’m surprised it’s not more when you see all the trash and rats. It’s a huge mess they choose to live in.
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