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New Colorado Horror Festival Seeking Artists for Coloring Book

Xander Smith
The Colorado Festival of Horror will release a coloring book.
If you love a fright, you have a lot to look forward to in 2020: That year will see the inaugural Colorado Festival of Horror, a chance for lovers of the genre to mix, mingle and freak out.

But first, the team behind the fest — including cultural organizer and performance artist Daniel Crosier, Bret and Jeanni Smith, and Dwight and Lisa Thompson — is raising funds and planning an Indiegogo campaign. As part of that, they'll release a horror-themed coloring book, and they're looking for artists to submit worksfor it.

"You might have something already finished in your sketchbook," they write in the call for artists. "This being a coloring book doesn’t mean your work needs to be overly detailed, but don’t let that hold you back, let your imaginations run rampant!"

The group plans to release 1,000 coloring books, and each artist whose work is accepted will receive ten copies per drawing donated. Whatever images are used should not be trademarked or copyrighted. "Public domain is fine," the organizers write, pointing to Frankenstein as a perfect example.

The early deadline for submissions is January 15; the drop-dead date is January 31.

For more information about the festival, the coloring book and how to submit, go to the Colorado Festival of Horror website