Reader: Change the Name from Save-a-Lot to Spend-a-Lot

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The former Save-a-Lot space at 2630 West 38th Avenue has been empty for more than two years, since the store moved to 4860 Pecos Street. But now it's being revamped into a modern, upscale market — by the company that operated the Save-a-Lot. Franktown-based Leevers Supermarkets Inc., which runs more than twenty grocery stores along the Front Range under the Save-a-lot and Colorado Ranch Market banners, will soon launch a new brand: Leevers Locovore.

Most residents of the area — known for decades as the Northside, but which got its start as the town of Highland and is now nicknamed LoHi — applaud the move. For the most part.

Says Violeta: 
RIP, Save-a-Lot. You made it possible to be poor in Denver when it was possible to be poor in Denver.
Responds Katy: 
Change the name from Save-a-Lot to Spend-a-Lot.
Adds Olivia:
 Because what the city of Denver really needs is more over-priced posh markets, when really we are all out here trying to afford rent. #gentrified.
Comments Amberly:
 I like that they’re restoring the old steel beams and floors, instead of scraping it.
Notes Nicole: 
You had me at "wine on tap."
Then there's this from Bree: 
Meanwhile, in Thornton...we get a new Save-A-Lot store. Hahahaha! Where's our cool market?
And Mendoza concludes: 
Nutty Side officially dead.
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Actually the Northside name apparently lives on in the Leevers Locavore logo. Keep reading for more on Denver markets: