Funniest Tweets Accusing Just-Engaged Tim Tebow of Not Being a Virgin

"Jesus forgives you for doubting I'm still a virgin."
CNBC via YouTube
"Jesus forgives you for doubting I'm still a virgin."
Tim Tebow will forever be associated with the Denver Broncos, thanks to his stint early this decade with the squad, as well as his assertion that he was going to stay a virgin until marriage. But Tebow was replaced by Peyton Manning in the Broncos' lineup early in 2012, and now his virginity's expiration date appears to be approaching, too: He just announced his engagement to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

While plenty of folks took to Twitter after the January 10 announcement to joke about the 31-year-old Tebow finally getting the chance to learn firsthand about the joys of sex, a select few stepped up to express doubts that his V-card remains unpunched.

It's true! There are indeed people cynical enough to believe that The Chosen One has chosen to venture into the bedroom for something other than sleep! And they've expressed their doubts in hilarious ways.

See what we mean by counting down our picks for the twenty funniest tweets about Tebow's big moment, capped by a true believer who offers a compelling argument for why Timmy hasn't strayed.