Most Surprising Concessions From the 2019 Teachers’ Strike

Matthew at Flickr
Teaching ain't all books and apples, people.
Denver students and teachers got a Valentine’s Day surprise in the early morning of February 14, when Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association came to an agreement that ended the four-day strike. The union declared victory, classes resumed, and issues including pay, incentives and staff stability were, according to both sides, significantly improved.

But salaries and security weren’t the only things that could have been won by Mile High teaching professionals. After all, in unions, there is strength. Here’s a modest proposal of ten more things that Denver teachers should have demanded.

click to enlarge Ah, English lit is the best. - KERININ AT FLICKR
Ah, English lit is the best.
kerinin at Flickr
1. Bring Back Naptime
It would be great if adults could participate in recess during the day. Better yet, let’s go all the way back to kindergarten, when everyone laid down on mats on the floor and went to sleep mid-day. Five-year-olds love it, fifteen-year-olds would embrace it shamelessly, and teachers? Move over, kid. I was up grading papers until after midnight.

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School fresh.
Andy Melton at Flickr
2. No More Apples for the Teacher
Fruit is so nineteenth-century. You know what teachers need these days? Foot-long subs and Qdoba.