Ask a Stoner: How Can I Add Weed to My Smoothies?

Dear Stoner: I’m trying to put weed in my smoothies, but I don’t want to go through mixing it with oil and the heating process; my house will reek of marijuana, and that takes so long. Is there an easier way to add bud to a smoothie?

Dear Zabdiyel: It sounds like you're not talking about juicing raw cannabis, which is becoming a popular method for addressing joint pain and inflammation. That wouldn't require much preparation or stink up the crib. Infusing liquid with THC is a little harder, though, and you can never sacrifice time without also sacrificing flavor.
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Who's ready for weed-grass shots?
Flickr user stevendepolo
Smoothies heavy on milk would be an easy option, as the THC binds with fat — but that takes time and would stink up your house like making cannabutter does. If you live near dispensaries, then liquefied or powdered distillate THC is the easiest option, but chances are you don't. Your best bet would be decarboxylating your flower, or grinding it and cooking it at about 220 degrees for 25 minutes. That will activate the THC in the buds, and simply swallowing it (or adding it to drinks) would get you high. It'd still make the house smell, but do it once and you'll have enough decarbed weed for weeks of smoothies.

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