Five Reasons to Make This the Year You Finally Become a Rapids Fan

Colorado Rapids

Look, I get it: There’s not a lot of oxygen left in the Mile High sports world right now. The Nuggets are having their best season in a decade; the Avalanche are sliding back into the playoff hunt; the Rockies just signed a franchise legend to one of the biggest contracts in baseball history. The Broncos are still six months away from kicking off their season, but they’re the Broncos, and everyone wants to talk about them all the time for some reason anyway.

With so much else going on, it’s easy to forget about the redheaded stepchild — the Jeff Larentowicz, if you will — of Denver sports: the Colorado Rapids, who are back in action today, March 2. The boys in burgundy will open their regular season in Commerce City this afternoon against the reigning Western Conference champion Portland Timbers.

In a town that has as much going on as Denver does, interest in the local Major League Soccer franchise can stretch the meaning of “casual fandom” to its absolute limits. Maybe you’ve made the trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park once or twice — or worse, to Mile High Stadium, back in the bad old days of penalty shoot-outs and the countdown clock. Maybe you told yourself you’d finally ditch football for soccer after last year’s World Cup and made it two weeks before you relapsed on a Thursday night Bengals-Lions pre-season game. It happens.

But with the Rapids looking like a much-improved team after a dismal 2018 campaign, this is the year to finally make it stick. So if you’re in the market for a fifth sport to follow — if you want a whole new set of things to regularly get angry and anxious and heartbroken about — here are five reasons that you should turn up or tune in to the Rapids' season opener this afternoon.