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Need Inspiration to Quit a Job? Porlolo's New Song's for You

Porlolo wants to help you quit.
Erin Roberts
Porlolo wants to help you quit.
Sometimes quitting can be liberating.

That’s the message behind Porlolo’s new song “I Quit,” which longtime Denver musician Erin Roberts wrote about a mantra she had when she was sick of her of boss, struggling as a parent, frustrated with her partner and ready to give up.

“I always turn to irreverence to get through things,” she explains, and the phrase “I quit,” had been one she'd repeated in her head when she was frustrated with life.

The song, which she likens to Twisted Sister's rock anthem "We're Not Gonna Take It" and which is a grittier, alt-country cousin of Johnny Paycheck's "Take This Job and Shove It," emerged from the mantra, and Roberts would sing it to herself at work.

She decided to put the words into action. Her plan was to record the song and send it to her boss as a resignation letter. She and her band rehearsed it a few times, but ultimately she found a different job before they had time to lay down the track.

“I quit my job and immediately went into the studio the very next day,” she recalls.

Hear the results for yourself below:

It’s the first song she’s releasing from a new album she hopes Porlolo wraps by the end of the summer. The project is being recorded by James Barone, with whom she worked on Porlolo’s past two EPs and who has become an integral part of her band’s sound. Porlolo's Awards, from 2018, was recognized by Westword as one of the best albums of that year.

As for "I Quit," the song risks being nihilistic, but it isn't. Sometimes leaving a bad situation is the right thing to do, and Roberts hopes it inspires other people to quit things, too.

“It’s supposed to be an affirmational song,” she explains.