First Look

See Bonnie & the Clydes' Video for "Hold on Me"

Jason Innes
Bonnie and Taylor Sims explore their relationship in the new music video, "Hold on Me."
The Colorado country band Bonnie & the Clydes has released a music video for its new single, “Hold on Me.” It's the first of a two-track series off an upcoming record that explores the highs and lows of love and relationships from the perspectives of frontwoman Bonnie Sims and singer and guitarist Taylor Sims, who are married.

Directed by Scott McCormick and Merne Judson III, The “Hold on Me” video reflects Taylor's generally-but-not-always optimistic view of life through events such as arguing and playing music with Bonnie and drinking from his boot during a party.

“For this song, lyrically, it has some ambiguity to it,” says Taylor. “It expresses both light and dark themes of love and addiction and companionship and loss. It’s kind of all wrapped into one. There’s definitely some [lyrics] you can take how you want to, and so we wanted to try and get that same kind of vibe with the video by doing lots of these short little themes. These short little clips of things taking place — some more anger-charged, others more lighthearted. We tried to take the approach of all these different vignettes of the story and then put them all together in a nice, edited fashion.”

The second video of the two-part series, “Came and Went,” which is currently in the editing phase, will be from Bonnie’s perspective, focusing on the lows of relationships.

“These songs have a connective thread, visually, that’s running through both of them, and kind of tie in a dark and light sense, and [“Hold on Me”] is the lighter one,” says Bonnie.

“Hold on Me” has long been a part of the Simses' life and a mainstay in performances.

“This is also a song we’ve had a relationship with for like ten years,” says Bonnie. “Taylor wrote this song a long time ago, and it has lived on and on. Some songs, as musicians, you get tired of them. You get tired of playing them. But this one has never had that.”

Taarka, with Bonnie & the Clydes, 9 p.m. Thursday, May 2, Ophelia's Electric Soapbox, 1215 20th Street.