Why Colorado Tokers Love Chocolate Trip

Herbert Fuego
This chocolate is more productive than trippy.
It felt good to see Adam Sandler being funny again on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago. He’s been cranking out crap for the better part of a decade now, and it always hurts to see your childhood heroes age like that. The beginning of the end for me was Grownups, but at least that film gave society the phrase “chocolate wasted.”

Getting chocolate wasted can still happen even if you’re not a drinker. Just try one of several chocolate-inspired cannabis strains, like Chocolope, Chocolate Haze, Chocolate Thai, Chocolate Mint OG or my most recent purchase, Chocolate Trip. It’s an even-keeled hybrid of Chocolate Thai and Indigo Diamond from Netherlands breeder Dutch Flowers. The strain’s high has both put me to bed and motivated me to get outside; my reaction is largely dependent on my mood and energy level before consumption. The taste of the strain is pretty consistent, though: It almost always carries a sweet, creamy smoke that lands somewhere between the weed version of a mocha or vanilla chai. Those dessert notes tend to make me reserve Chocolate Trip for after-dinner use, but the strain’s mind-bending effects make it great for daytime adventures, as well.

Cannabis inspired by chocolate has received a bad rap over the years, and Chocolate Thai is one of the older, less potent strains in Europe. Chocolate Trip is of a new era, however, packing a powerful hit without losing those classic eastern Kush flavors. That old-school-meets-new-school combination is hard to find in commercial cannabis, but it’s something we could use a lot more of, and it’s exactly why I’ll be keeping Chocolate Trip on my dessert menu.

Harder to find than Chocolope, Chocolate Trip is currently a rare delicacy in the Denver area, supplied to a handful of dispensaries by Boulder wholesale grower Shift. Although typically sold as a daytime strain, its effects are much closer to 50-50 for me, and it can be smoked at night without getting your mind running.

Looks: Known as a heavy yielder, with dense, pointed buds that tend to look like massive dewdrops and cones, Chocolate Trip is generally bright green with spots of goldenrod, peach pistils and a mild coat of resin.

Smell: Chocolate Trip carries a dark, coffee-like scent with a skunky twist, pumping out notes of nuts, chocolate and spicy vanilla (think Bubba Kush and Vanilla Kush). That Kush background blends the candy aromas nicely with floral, skunky scents, making it both distinctly chocolate and distinctly dank.

Flavor: A mellow sweetness is instantly calming, with subtle, creamy flavors of nutty chocolate and vanilla. However, that vanilla soon turns into sweet Kush notes, and the floral aspects take over the flavor and aftertaste.

Effects: Although initially uplifting while spurring creativity and focus, Chocolate Trip’s high can get weird sometimes, enhancing visuals and giving me the stoner giggles. That focus and creativity can slowly melt into hunger and sedation, though, so don’t overdo it during the day. Medical users have tried Chocolate Trip for anxiety, mental anguish, eating and sleeping disorders, minor pain, fatigue and more; it’s also good for creative block, boredom and outdoor adventures.

Home grower’s take: “I tend to pull more woody flavors, like a sandalwood, from Chocolate Trip, but I can see how that mixed with that Kushy flavor could give off a chocolate or vanilla taste. I wish I could still find it, because it yielded a ton, and I think we pulled it in, like, seven weeks, which is really short for a flower period. But I haven’t seen seeds of it for years, so if it’s in a dispensary, then they probably secured one from someone with a Netherlands connection. A unicorn on the street, though.”

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