Ask a Stoner: Smoking Weed Without a Lighter or Matches

Dear Stoner: What are some ways to smoke weed without a lighter or matches?
Mac Gyver

Dear Mac: You could just buy an electronic vaporizer, and then you'd only need to find an outlet every once in a while — but that might be a first-world solution. Trying to smoke weed without a lighter or matches is a challenge we've all faced, but even the most creative tokers usually need a little help unless they know how to rub twigs together like a Boy Scout. Then again, if you were a Boy Scout, you probably wouldn't be asking for survival tips from a stoner.
Flickr creative commons/Tracy
If you have a gas stove, then your problem is solved: Just get a candle, wick or something else you can safely transfer the flame to, and puff away. If you only have a coil stove, then try knife hits: sticking two butter knives in the heated stove coils, placing weed or hash in between them and then sucking up the smoke. Both of those options can get dangerous, though. The most eco-friendly and safe way to burn buds without a lighter is the sun. Just grab a medium-sized magnifying glass, position it between the sun and your pipe, and burn that solar bowl.

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