Ask a Stoner: Can I Bring Weed Brownies to Work?

Dear Stoner: Can I take weed brownies to work? It's cool with my boss, but we want to know if it's legal.

Dear Dorey: Handing out cannabis goodies to your co-workers isn't exactly like giving away booze in Colorado, but it is doable. But first, the rest of my answer is moot if you work for the government, especially a federal branch, because you know how they feel about pot. Second, your company's drug policy must be on board, no matter what your boss says. If your company bans employee cannabis use, then you're asking for a round of drug tests when you send a memo about your weed brownies in the kitchen.

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Always label any special brownies you bring to a party.
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Once those obstacles are cleared, you'll still have to be somewhat discreet. Any edibles given to co-workers must be handed out where there is some semblance of privacy, such as an employee-only break room or kitchen. And any colleagues who indulge must be at least 21 and aware of the brownies' dosage; you don't want to be responsible for someone else's edible freakout. Finally, make sure that anyone who eats an edible at work has a ride home, because that's a DUI waiting to happen.

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