Ask a Stoner: Can I Smoke Weed in RV Parks?

Dear Stoner: I want to become a full-time traveler, and want to know the rules of smoking while in an RV park.

Dear Benjamin: If consuming while you’re parked for the night is important, you’ll have to tailor your route around the limited list of privately owned RV parks and campgrounds — and there are a few to choose from. Almost every list of pot-friendly places recommends the Boulder Adventure Lodge in Boulder, CanyonSide Campground outside of Fort Collins, and Wilderness Bud and Breakfast in the San Juan National Forest near Pagosa Springs. Camp Kush, a cannabis-friendly RV park and camping area in the Four Corners, recently opened for a second season as well.
click to enlarge Read the rules before you light up at RV parks. - FLICKR USER HJJANISCH
Read the rules before you light up at RV parks.
Flickr user hjjanisch
While other RV parks and overnight areas might allow cannabis use and simply not advertise it, any camping areas owned by the state or subject to federal government regulations (there are a lot of them) will be off-limits for both consumption and possession. But did that stop millions of road warriors with weed from partaking before the plant was legal? We’ll let you think about that one.

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