Why Colorado Tokers Love Citral Glue

Herbert Fuego
You're safe sniffing a bottle of Citral Glue.
Know that jealous, confused feeling you get when you find out that some mediocre celebrity is worth way more than you thought? I remember when I discovered that Judge Judy made almost $50 million a year, and when I heard that the New York Mets owe former outfielder and third baseman Bobby Bonilla $1.2 million annually from 2011 to 2035 (he retired in 2001 — the Mets front office had a lot going on back then). Such revelations aren’t appalling, but they do make me scratch my head.

I was itching my hollow noggin for a solid minute after learning how popular Citral Glue has become in Denver. A mix of Gorilla Glue (or Original Glue, GG #4 and whatever else dispensaries call it to avoid a lawsuit nowadays) and Citral Skunk by Ethos Genetics, this new Glue phenom can differ on the phenotype, but my favorite has the best of both parents, with a heavy layer of milky trichomes and skunky aroma that makes you feel like you just made a wrong turn in a cornfield.

Citral Glue’s smell and flavor are both solid, bearing rubber, skunk, lemon and wet dirt, depending on the cut you get. But the main reason for the strain’s recent spike in popularity is its daytime effect, which can help me finish anything from an article to a workout. Although Citral Glue has never made me feel caffeinated, it does provide a strong uplift if I have something to focus on. That combination of mental relaxation, strong cognition and slight pain management puts the strain in my late-morning or afternoon rotation, but it can be a great evening smoke, too, for after-work fun.

Citral Glue might not have the respect of its parents yet, but it’s become very easy to find in Denver dispensaries. We’ve seen it at A Cut Above, Doc’s Apothecary, Euflora, Greenfields, Herbal Remedies, Kind Meds, Leiffa, Levels, Pando, Peak, Magnolia Road, Native Roots, Terrapin Care Station, Trenchtown and Urban Dispensary, among others, and several wholesale growers supply it elsewhere. My favorite cuts have come from A Cut Above and Kind Meds; both carry Citral Skunk’s sour, pungent flavors with a hash-like potency.

Looks: Citral Skunk can become just as frosty as Gorilla Glue, with a gang of trichomes covering the bright-green buds to the point of suffocation. The buds usually lean sativa, stretching long with fluffy, open calyxes.

Smell: Dank, tart and rubbery with a muddy layer of soil hanging over it, Citral Glue carries more Skunk aromas than Gorilla Glue, which was never known for a strong scent. That skunky smell is accompanied by light notes of lemon and pine, with a grainy, dirty back end.

Flavor: This is where the Skunk characteristics can shine, with juicy, rubbery flavors that might take old tokers back to the Skunk #1 days. Splashes of lemon, pine and earthy juniper are typically present, and can be stronger depending on the phenotype.

Effects: If not overdone, Citral Glue’s high is relatively manageable compared to that of other Glue strains. It calms my anxiety and sore joints without liquefying my body, and it doesn’t turn my stomach into a black hole, either. Patients have used the strain to treat anxiety, depression, exhaustion, minor pain and a severe lack of creativity.

Home grower’s take: “Popped these from seed about two and a half years ago, just a year or so after Gorilla Glue had really taken off. Big yielder, but it took a while to get going; I think I harvested at ten weeks, but could’ve pulled them after nine if I’d needed to. Buds gave me a pretty nice, productive high that lasted long. But the rosin I made from it knocked everyone out, so don’t think you’re about to go running after dabbing this stuff.”

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