Ask a Stoner: Playing Sports High

Dear Stoner: I like to enjoy a joint on the golf course, but getting high makes me play terribly. Are there any sports that I can play high without becoming a total train wreck?

Dear Burnie: Believe it or not, there are professional sports leagues that consider cannabis a performance-enhancing drug. While that performance enhancement is usually associated with pain tolerance and recovery, not speed, strength or coordination, some athletes and weekend warriors believe that smoking or ingesting cannabis can help them enjoy playing and training without compromising performance.
click to enlarge Toke up and lace up, but don't toke too much. - BRANDON MARSHALL
Toke up and lace up, but don't toke too much.
Brandon Marshall
Unfortunately for your golf game, most of these reported benefits come in training exercises, like biking, jogging, hiking and so on — but regular shmucks like you and me can still have a toke before playing a round of eighteen or hitting the basketball court. Just know that you're playing with fire: Overdoing it will end your drive, and a long warm-up session is critical so that you don't overthink out there. Even then, you might get overwhelmed if the strain isn't right.

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