Ask a Stoner: Do Marijuana Sex Products Really Work?

Dear Stoner: Can these marijuana sex products really help? I’ve seen some weird-looking shit at dispensaries.

Dear Krafty: Haven’t we all? If you can put it in your body, chances are good that someone’s tried to put weed in it first — and don’t even get us started on where CBD is being introduced. But we’ll limit our answer to the birds and the bees.

Sexual enhancement and pleasure products have indeed invaded dispensaries and the hemp industry, with pills, lubes and even suppositories infused with cannabis offered to allegedly ease sexual anxiety or pain in our privates, or just make us better at sex. We can’t tell you from experience whether CBD lube really does ease vaginal pain from menstrual issues or during sex, or if THC or CBD anal suppositories “enhance erotic play,” as their maker, Foria, says they do. We also don’t have experience with THC-infused herbal male enhancement pills, like CannaMojo, which claims to be an aphrodisiac. Reviews online go both ways, but I get enough stoner jokes as it is, so I prefer to buy my lube at a Walmart self-checkout with my head down. Like a real man.

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