Ask a Stoner: Indica and Sativa Edibles Sound Like Marketing

Dear Stoner: What's the deal with indica and sativa edibles? If it's only THC going into the final product, does it really matter what type of plant it came from? Sounds more like misleading marketing than science. *Bass guitar riff*
Jerry Stonefeld

Dear Jerry: Most dispensaries usually just tell you to eat the edible, yada, yada, yada, and get stoned. But we’ll try not to yada, yada over the science part.

Some users claim that eating mangoes — high in myrcene, a common terpene in cannabis — affects their highs, and that it’s similar to eating an edible with terpenes. However, studies on the effects of ingesting terpenes are scarce, and Australian research shows that smoking terpenes doesn’t affect your brain’s endocannabinoid receptors — although that research also indicates that the terpenes could change THC’s effects through other molecular processes in our bodies.

click to enlarge Do terpenes really matter if you're digesting them? - SCOTT LENTZ
Do terpenes really matter if you're digesting them?
Scott Lentz
We found virtually no study addressing how ingesting terpenes alters edible experiences, so it’d be hard for edible companies or dispensaries to make any solid claims, and the indica/sativa thing has been proven to be mostly bullshit, anyway. That won’t stop people from pushing a sativa gummy as a pre-hike snack, though, so it’s important that you remain a master of your domain. Don’t fall for a placebo affect, and look for supplemental ingredients like ginseng or chamomile in your indica and sativa edibles.

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