Why Colorado Tokers Love Doctor Bubba

Herbert Fuego
Close your eyes and let Doctor Bubba take care of you.
Bill Cosby reportedly bills himself as a doctor in prison, under the mistaken belief that his time as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show was enough training to diagnose and treat fellow inmates. I’d feel some pity for the cretin if he weren’t a sexual predator while acting holier-than-thou off screen. The guy was terrible at diagnosing issues, anyway: He told Eddie Murphy that his act was too vulgar in the ’80s, at the height of Murphy’s powers.

In all honesty, I’d take Dr. Bubba’s help in jail long before Dr. Cosby’s. I’d also take help from Doctor Bubba over a lot of creepy actors (and doctors, for that matter). The sedating mix of Bubba Kush, Great White Shark, an Indian landrace and Super Skunk is much more comforting than it sounds, unless you’re a fan of prison lovin’
Prison lovin’ is close to how I’d describe my experiences with Bubba Kush, one of the most unforgivably sedating strains I’ve tried. Although Bubba Kush’s powerful blitzkrieg has its own medical uses, I seem to benefit more from Doctor Bubba, which typically has high amounts of CBD (almost 10 percent, in some cases). The high-CBD, low-THC combination makes for a functional and productive high no matter the time of day, but it can also send a tired body to sleep within an hour. Doctor Bubba isn’t going to taste that great, with dull, herbal notes that tend to plague most CBD strains. You don’t smoke CBD strains for their flavor, though, so buck up and take a puff of some brick-tasting relief before letting your nose make up your mind for you.

The Doc isn’t taking on many clients at the moment, with Herbs4You and Mile High Green Cross the only dispensaries we found carrying the strain — but we’re told it’s a wholesale strain as well, so it’s likely to be stocked elsewhere. Certain versions of Pre-’98 Bubba Kush, a more popular strain in Denver, carry high amounts of CBD and are very similar to Doctor Bubba in taste and effect.

Looks: Doctor Bubba isn’t as dark as Bubba Kush; instead, it’s a brighter evergreen with lighter trichome coverage. The buds lean indica, with dense calyxes that tend to separate themselves into multiple balls on each stem.

Smell: That grassy, grainy smell probably won’t place in any competitions, and you’ll have to try so hard to notice hints of vanilla that you’ll wonder if you just made them up. But at least the mids-like blast from the past might bring up some fun high school memories.

Flavor: Like those of most CBD strains, Doctor Bubba’s flavor profile isn’t the best — herbal, spicy and a bit harsh — but the good Doctor still has some chocolate and coffee notes, à la Bubba Kush, that distract you from the zesty vegetative flavor, which tastes a little like a carrot.

Effects: A great CBD strain for relaxation without immediate snoozing, Doctor Bubba eased my anxiety and lower back pain while still feeding me a small slice of euphoria. The strain’s calming high can creep on high-tolerance users who underestimate the sedating power of smoking CBD and THC together, but it can also help with minor pain and anxiety during the daytime.

Commercial grower’s take:
“This started from a breeder by the name of Poppa Pain strains. That’s about all the information you’ll find on it, but we’ve been able to home in on her and get damn near 10 percent CBD and about 5 to 10 percent THC from it now. Still working on the terp aspect, though. If there’s any way to highlight those chocolate-vanilla hints, it’d be worth the time. Don’t be surprised if you see more of it around Colorado soon. It only takes about seven weeks to flower, and the high is attractive to active and wellness-minded consumers.”

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