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Reader: He Might Look Old, but Mick Jagger Totally Rocked It

Mick Jagger in action a mile high.
Brandon Marshall
Mick Jagger in action a mile high.
Shortly after the Rolling Stones announced the third leg of the No Filter Tour, which first launched in fall 2017, the band canceled a string of shows because Mick Jagger had to have heart-valve surgery; the May date at Mile High Stadium was one of those affected.

But the tour soon resumed, and Jagger was once again strutting around the stage, as flamboyant as ever. The band finally reached Denver on August 10, and fans agreed that the Rolling Stones at Mile High had been worth the wait.

Says Jaime: 
Absolutely, it was the best concert I've seen in my life...truly an amazing show.
Responds Kelly: 
As long as the Stones are still out there, the rest of us remain young (at least young at heart). Glad to read their tour is getting great reviews.
Adds Greg:
 They still give one of the greatest live performances of all time. Mick has more energy then anyone I’ve ever seen.
Replies Pat: 
Wow, he looks like he was rolled and stoned!!!!
Notes Nicole:
 The dude is old; does everyone expect him to look anything but? He totally rocked it and we loved every minute of the concert. I thought part of the greatness was watching these old men killing it on stage.
Adds Brian: 
Ageism is clearly the final frontier in the “woke” millennial movement.
Concert-goers also appreciated the band's Mile High references; the Rolling Stones had earlier visited Williams & Graham and Lo Stella. But one Jagger shout-out seemed a stretch. Recalls Brynn:

He mentioned Casa Bonita. “I went cliff diving earlier at Casa Bonita. I ate too many sopapillas.” It was hysterical.
Some readers also thought that the review headline — "The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger's Orgasmic Denver Concert" — and the lead photo on Facebook were a stretch.