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The Harshest Tweets About Phish's Prairie-Dog-Plague Flea Problems

The Internet's not being kind to plague-worried Phish fans.
Brandon Marshall
The Internet's not being kind to plague-worried Phish fans.
When news that camping at the Phish show at Dick's Sporting Goods Park had been shut down over Labor Day weekend thanks to fleas on plague-infested prairie dogs, the Internet lost it.

Next to Insane Clown Posse and its acolytes, known as juggalos, few bands and fan bases have earned the ire of the public as much as these fun loving, improvising jam artists and the Grateful Dead-nostalgic hippies who follow them.

Naturally, the haters took to Twitter with burns. Here are some of the harshest:

While the Internet can be a cruel place, Phish fans were able to spread the word — like the plague — and make sure concert-goers knew their housing options. In the next few days, the promoters will be offering shuttling and parking possibilities, and the show, plagued or not, will go on.

In the meantime, other Phish fans responded with gratitude and kindness, some even making light of the situation.

Wrote fan J.D. Sawyer on Facebook: "Plague on."