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Reader: Who Wrote Your Phish Review? Trump?

Jacqueline Collins
Neither heat nor plague-infected prairie dogs could keep Phish fans away from Dick's Sporting Goods Park, where the jam band played its annual Labor Day shows.

Rolling Stone once called Phish "the most important band of the ’90s," and many fans have been faithful to the act since then. Very faithful. "Phish Unapologetically Phish," summed up reviewer Adam Perry, who had some problems with the opening-night show. But some readers have problems with Perry's review.

Says Meg: 
I absolutely loved the shows! They don’t always play my favorite songs, but their talent is incredible. From music majors to performance stars! The venue is one of the most fun to see them in.
Counters Steve: 
Good news, the smell emanating from the venue was so strong it eradicated all of the plague- infested prairie dogs.
Notes David: 
Too many sobriety rock ballads.
Responds Nicholas: 
It wasn't their best sets of the summer, but it was an all-around excellent weekend of music!
Concludes Galen: 
Phish sucks and Phish Heads are the worst.
Or was our reviewer the worst? Suggests Pete: 
Whoever wrote this needs a new career path.
Responds Zach: 
Worst review of a concert ever. Kyle Harris wants his job back.
Comments Russell: 
This review was so stream-of-consciousness all over the place that for a second there I thought I was reading a Trump speech.
The fans definitely showed up en masse for the sold-out Labor Day run, which has been going on at Dick's for close to a decade. It's known as "Phish Dick's," and traditionally, concert-goers camp outside the venue.

Although the prairie-dog problem put a stop to that this year, promoters worked out alternatives, and a good time was had by almost all. (There was also some carping about the cost of tickets.)

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