Seventh Circle Hosts Keep Abortion Safe Benefit Concert

Claudzilla, Denver's "only electro-punk, inter-dimensional lizard creature.”
Hypnotic Turtle
Claudzilla, Denver's "only electro-punk, inter-dimensional lizard creature.”
Get pissed. Act. Repeat.

This is a rallying cry for women all over the country right now, and it’s a slogan plastered on the Keep Abortion Safe website.

Keep Abortion Safe, a project of Progress Now Colorado, focuses on destigmatizing abortion through digital storytelling, disruptive content and bold, non-traditional action. This Saturday, September 7, a few of Denver’s “hardest, loudest” bands will take the stage at the Seventh Circle Music Collective to raise funds for the initiative.

Claudia Woodman, organizer for the all-ages show, says she got involved with Progress Now Colorado and Keep Abortion Safe because she wants different communities to understand that it’s important to focus on abortion access and what’s going on both nationally and on a local level.

“People need to be sticking up for female autonomy,” says Woodman, who organized a previous benefit for Progress Now at the Mercury Cafe in July. “While it’s important for people to pay attention to the big national groups and help them where they can, it’s equally important to help local groups and local women, too,” Woodman says.

Hate Minor will play the Keep Abortion Safe benefit Saturday night. - CLAUDIA WOODMAN
Hate Minor will play the Keep Abortion Safe benefit Saturday night.
Claudia Woodman
Woodman has been booking shows in Denver since 2011, and says she knew which artists and bands to reach out to for this type of event that would support the mission and work of Keep Abortion Safe. Hate Minor and Tears to Li6ht will both take the stage Saturday night, as well as Woodman’s own act, Claudzilla.

“I know these individuals from the music scene, going back and forth from politics to music, music to politics,” Woodman says. “It made sense to just put it all together.”

Hate Minor is a high-energy power-rock duo, while Tears to Li6ht is more synth pop with “dreamy textures and melodic expressions.” Claudzilla, on the other hand, is Denver’s “only electro-punk, inter-dimensional lizard creature.”

While the three different acts will be on stage in support of Keep Abortion Safe, organizers from the initiative will be on site offering resources and information about abortion access in Colorado.

“The moral of the story is that we are working to destigmatize abortion,” says Alex Ferencz, reproductive-rights outreach director for Progress Now Colorado and the Keep Abortion Safe project. “What we hope to do is let everyone from all walks of life — whether that’s the repro [rights] community, the metal community, the punk community, wherever — let them know that they have someone who has their back when it comes to repro rights.

Tears to Li6ht - CLAUDIA WOODMAN
Tears to Li6ht
Claudia Woodman
“People need to know it’s okay to share their stories and that they won’t be stigmatized," Ferencz says. "We want them to know that whatever they decide to do is okay, and that there are other people who have similar experiences.”

Ferencz points out that other progressive organizations host similar benefits and shows, but Keep Abortion Safe wants to ensure that those in the counterculture know that these same organizations care about their rights, as well.

The Keep Abortion Safe benefit will take place at 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 7, at Seventh Circle Music Collective, 2935 West Seventh Avenue. The show is all-ages, and a $10 donation is suggested. More information about the show can be found on the Facebook event page. For more information about reproductive-rights resources, visit Keep Abortion Safe’s website.