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Reader: Urban Putt Sounds Like Casa Bonita for Adults!

The tramway car stayed behind when the Old Spaghetti Factory left.
Aaron Thackeray
The tramway car stayed behind when the Old Spaghetti Factory left.
For decades, the Old Spaghetti Factory at 1215 18th Street was the biggest draw in that part of downtown...before LoDo became a thing, before Coors Field was constructed, and long before Union Station was renovated.

But after 45 years, the restaurant finally closed last September, and the historic brick building that started life as  the Denver City Cable Railway Building now houses a completely different attraction: Urban Putt, with two nine-hole indoor miniature golf courses (complete with Colorado landmarks) along with a full kitchen and bar.

Is this new eatertainment attraction a fair trade for the last?

Says Gregory: 
Not ready yet to accept that the Spaghetti Factory isn’t there anymore, and not happy that the beautiful transit building is now just a playground.
Adds Daniel: 
Highest and best use theory is out the window...
Replies Sue:
I'd rather play miniature golf than go to a snooty foodie restaurant. Sounds like Casa Bonita for adults, hopefully with good food!
Notes John: 
New tenant means food has improved at the Old Spaghetti Factory.
Responds Jay:
Spaghetti Factory had disgusting food but a pretty cool décor. I think will come down and check this putt putt out.
Many other readers are thinking the same thing.

Urban Putt founder Steve Fox opened his first golf-themed entertainment center in San Francisco in 2014, and its new Denver sibling is only the second in the country. Fox, whose pre-golf career was as the editorial director of PCWorld magazine, explains that he and his wife used to set up elaborate miniature golf courses at their house for dinner parties, so a friend suggested that he open a real entertainment center for the public.

Urban Putt became a quick hit in California, and Denver's version started out strong when it opened almost one year to the day after the Old Spaghetti Factory served its last meatball. (There's still a Spaghetti Factory in Westminster.)

What do you think about the transformation? Did you eat at Old Spaghetti Factory? Will you go to Urban Putt? Post a comment or email [email protected] And see our slideshow of Urban Putt here.