Music Video Premiere: Wildermiss Is Anything but "Paralyzed"

Denver indie-pop quartet Wildermiss is dropping a new EP, In My Mind, November 1.
Scott McCormick
Denver indie-pop quartet Wildermiss is dropping a new EP, In My Mind, November 1.
When the members of the popular Denver indie-pop outfit Wildermiss shot the video for “Paralyzed” earlier this summer, they called on their friends to take photos of themselves around downtown Denver.

But members also approached strangers on the street, and the video soon had a Spanish flight attendant and people visiting from Japan taking part.

“It was cool to communicate with them just through trying to get their photo and tell them what it was for without really talking to them,” says vocalist Emma Cole. "It was really cool meeting all these people and kind of hearing a smidgen of their story, but also just catching them at that moment in Denver for a video.”

It's not the first time Wildermiss has taken to the streets of Denver for a shoot. In the video for "Carry Your Heart," the four lugged an old couch from location to location.

Thematically, the video ties into a lyric in the song, “Just another look in your eyes and I’m paralyzed.” The imagery comprises a series of black-and-white photographs that have been stitched together and give the appearance that the subjects are sitting still while the background shifts behind them. In a way, the subjects appear frozen in time, or perhaps paralyzed, because of the effect.

“We just thought it would be a fun way to present the lyric video,” guitarist Seth Beamer says. “Our goal was to get as many pairs of eyes as possible.”
The video, which premieres on Thursday, is the first single off Wildermiss’s second EP In My Mind,, that the band started working on about a year ago. It will be the first EP released since Lost With You debuted in October of 2017. The new EP drops on November 1.

Although many of the songs were written and recorded relatively quickly, they evolved as the band played them on tour throughout the year. Once members returned to Denver, they found themselves taking a more meticulous approach in the studio, even redoing some of the tracks.

“One song, we actually went back and re-recorded after we had mixed it,” says guitarist Josh Hester. “During that process, we were figuring out how picky we wanted to be with how a guitar sounded or how things were connecting with each other.”

Beamer says that during the recording process, he wanted to see the band grow collectively, and that was part of the reason the EP took as long as it did to complete.

“We took a lot more time just trying to expand on the sound we have done before and try new stuff,” Beamer says. “We were trying not to repeat ourselves. The other record was made mostly over a weekend. This one, we kind of took time to decide what we wanted to do and sculpted the songs into a better representation of what we were feeling when we were making them.”

The bandmates are happy with the results of the past eleven or so months of work. They say people at shows have responded well to the new material, which they have been folding into sets.

“We pretty much got there,” Cole starts to say, then changes her mind. “We totally got there. We finally landed in a place where we were like, ‘Oh, we like how this sounds. Oh, this is hitting as hard as we want it. Oh, these sound way better than when we started. We hit that spot.”

They have a batch of new songs written. Drummer Caleb Thoemke says that they are planning to put out music more frequently than they have in the past two years and tour more often.

"I personally have had people at the merch booth say, 'Hey, what was the second song in the set? Is that out yet?' It’s coming. People are stoked for new stuff. It’s exciting to be able to play this live and get a feel for how people respond. It feels like they are excited," Thoemke adds.

Wildermiss is embarking on a short tour in early November with stops in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New York — including a performance at the Underwater Sunshine Fest — Washington, D.C., and Illinois. The tour wraps up back in Denver with a show at the Bluebird Theater on November 22.

“Our hometown show is at one of our favorite venues to play,” Cole says. “We sold it out twice already, so we're like, ‘Fuck, yeah, let’s do this.’”

“We are never not excited to play a hometown show,” Beamer says. “I think we will always be excited to play Denver.”

Wildermiss plays at 8 p.m. Friday, November 22 at the Bluebird Theater, 3317 East Colfax Avenue. Tickets are $16 to $18 and available at the Bluebird website. For more information, visit Wildermiss online.