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Beta 2.0 Is Off to a Bumpy Start, Sneak Peek Rescheduled

Beta celebrated eleven years of electronic music before closing in January.
Aaron Thackeray
Beta celebrated eleven years of electronic music before closing in January.
When Beta closed in early 2019, not long after 33-year-old Jacob Morton died of an overdose outside the internationally acclaimed nightclub, the owners announced the business would be gone for good.

But in the spring, the Denver Business Journal reported the club would be reopening as Beta 2.0 in the summer, after owner Brad Roulier failed to sell the business. The new edition would be outfitted with a pool, a patio and updated decor, all attempts to differentiate it from the Las Vegas-style, San Francisco-born nightclub Temple that has made waves in Denver's electronic-music scene since opening in 2017.

The summer relaunch didn't happen, thanks to all the usual permitting and construction delays that plague many of Denver's new projects.

Over the past weeks, the club has been quietly staffing up again and recently announced a sneak peek to be held on September 28. But on September 26, the club's owners announced that event would be rescheduled to  October 3, thanks to "a couple finishing touches," leaving many who had planned to attend the event irked and wondering what sort of trouble the facility had run into.

Here's Beta 2.0's full statement:

Unfortunately, a couple finishing touches will prevent us from being ready to open for the Sneak Peek Party on Saturday, September 28 and Sneak Peek Patio Party on Sunday, September 29," the club announced on Facebook. "We are extremely close to being able to present the new club with brand new lighting, production, and sound, and will be rescheduling the Sneak Peek to Thursday, October 3.

We understand that some guests will not be able to make that date, so we are honoring all tickets purchased for the Sneak Peek and Sneak Peek Patio Party on any of the following three nights:

Thursday, October 3
Friday, October 4
Saturday, October 5

Should a ticket holder not be able to attend any of the nights listed, a full refund will be issued. We apologize for the delay, and thank you for your patience. BETA 2.0 is nearly ready to showcase all we have to offer, and look forward to seeing you very soon. 

The public responded to the news with a mix of emotions.

"Strong start," wrote Patrick. "Ten months in the works for a let down."

Sarah responded more positively: "Sad day! But I know y’all will rock it! I’ll be out of the country so I hope all goes super well!"

Roulier and Beta staff have declined to speak with Westword about the new venue over the past few months, and the nightclub did not respond to a request for comment for this story. 

2 Slikk, Already Sweaty, Mike Majic, Lea Luna and Johnny Gear will perform at the sneak peek.

For tickets and more information about the nightclub's upcoming events, go to the Beta 2.0 website