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Reader: Shake Shack and In-N-Out Are Worst Transplants Ever!

Shake Shack hopes to shake up Denver's burger scene.
Danielle Lirette
Shake Shack hopes to shake up Denver's burger scene.
More out-of-state burger chains are expanding their presence here, and one is about to stake its claim for local diners. In-N-Out Burger, a favorite of Southern California natives, is building a regional In-N-Out headquarters in Colorado Springs, to be followed by a number of the company's burger restaurants; the first of those in metro Denver could open by the end of 2020, in Lone Tree.

Meanwhile, New York-based Shake Shack will soon open locations in Cherry Creek North, Boulder and Denver International Airport.

While some diners are eager to welcome these transplants, others have suggestions for out-of-staters they'd rather see. And some readers are quick to defend the home team, including burgers at Bud's Bar, Smashburger and "Round the Corner fifty years ago."

Says Ashley: 
Love In-N-Out! Can't wait.
Responds Marina: 
Would love to have an Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers here in Colorado.
Adds Zakary:
 Give us Whataburger.
Notes Chris:
 None of them compare to Blake's Lotaburger in New Mexico.
Suggests Maureen:
Good Times is far more delicious than any of these other chains.
Peter has them ranked:
 For truly fast food/drive thru chain burgers:
Blake's Lotaburger ~ Green Chile Cheeseburger!
Good Times
Comments Erik: 
Hating on Californians but wanting their food.
Concludes Carl: 
Worst transplants ever: Shake Shack and In-N-Out Burger!
When the first Denver Shake Shack opened a year and a half ago, in RiNo, there were just over 160 outposts worldwide, but that number has already grown to nearly 250. The company took fourteen years to reach Colorado, and now new Shake Shacks are in the works at 1680 29th Street in Boulder and at Denver International Airport, as well as 260 Josephine Street.

Meanwhile, the first In-N-Out Burger could open by the end of 2020 at 9171 Westview Road in Lone Tree. Other out-of-state interlopers to crash the Denver burger bash in recent years include Culver's from Wisconsin, Hopdoddy from Austin and Bad Daddy's from North Carolina.

What do you think of these burger chains? What's your favorite burger in Denver? Post a comment or email [email protected]