Ask a Stoner: Can I Sneak Weed Through An Airport Body Scan?

Dear Stoner: Will an airport body scan identify edibles and a small slice of wax? That seems like a better alternative than my toiletry bag, which will get an X-ray.

Dear Allen: What do you think those body scans are, Bub? An ocular pat-down from a bored Transportation Security Administration agent? Although not technically X-rays, the millimeter-wave scanners at most airports use radio waves to see if any objects are stowed away under your clothes or in your body before you pass through security.

Images from these body scans aren’t as defined as X-rays, but they don’t have that much to sift through besides clothes, unlike a bag filled with your crap. And trust me: TSA agents are much more keen to check out anything extra they find on your person than they are a few innocent-looking gummies in a bag or wax in your toiletries. Hiding some food with weed in it or some gunky-looking wax isn’t exactly rocket science, but hiding in plain sight is not the way to go here. Figure out something better.

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