Who in Metro Area Got the Most Snow in Thanksgiving Week Storm?

Exercise, Denver Thanksgiving week-style.
Denver7 via YouTube
Exercise, Denver Thanksgiving week-style.
The storm that began hammering Denver on November 25 just in time to screw up Thanksgiving week travel has finally moved on, leaving locals to dig out — and to debate whether they got more snow than their neighbors.

Fortunately, the National Weather Service has the definitive answers. Its map of snowfall reports from the last 24 hours demonstrates how varied the pile-ups were in Denver proper, the greater metro area and beyond. The total for the 55 localities on the list ranges from a low of seven inches to a high of thirty.

I live in the vicinity of Ken Caryl Ranch, and when I woke up around 4 a.m. on November 26, we'd only gotten two or three inches, making me think the snowpocalypse predictions had been overblown, as usual. But the pace of snowfall began picking up shortly thereafter, and by the time the last flake landed, the snow in the assorted driveways I shoveled exceeded sixteen inches — a figure confirmed by the NWS.

How did your neighborhood measure up? Here's the rundown, which employs National Weather Service directional designations.