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Reader: Your Best Green Chile List Is for Walking L.L. Bean Catalogues

A bowl of green at Brewery Bar II.
Kenzie Bruce
A bowl of green at Brewery Bar II.
After days of rutted roads and cold, stuck in a house with Thanksgiving leftovers, you're probably craving a bowl of hot, hot green chile right now. So far this weekend, we've stopped by El Tejado and Brewery Bar II, two of the top ten green chile spots that made our list of favorites this fall.

That was at the tail end of a summer full of debate over the merits of New Mexico versus Colorado green chile. But you don't need to cross state lines to stir up controversy over the best green: There's plenty of disagreement just in metro Denver. We just offered a second helping of our best green chile list, and readers have been quick to dish out their opinions. Where was 5281 Steak Salad & Seafood? Tamales by La Casita? The Rusty Bucket? La Casa del Rey? (That's an easy one: It was closed most of the fall, and just reopened.)

Then there's this from Zach: 
Always with Brewery Bar 2... it is not good. Too hot, little flavor.
Responds Uriel: 
Brewery Bar II's green chile is really good!!! I don't think Cafe Chihuahua or even El Tejado should be on the top list...just my opinion. I like Tarahumara's Green Chili.
Says Laura Ann:
 These are mostly the sauce, not chile. Gross. No, thank you. Haven't found one yet.
Notes Michael: 
Red chili is the only chili.
Suggests Joe: 
Little Anita's is the only place that does green chili right. The others are just trash.
Advises Jose: 
Anytime you use jalapeño in green chile, you ruin it. The cook is just going for heat.
Just use Pueblo’s finest or Hatch green chile for flavor and heat. It’s just my opinion, but there should only be about five ingredients in your green chile, and jalapeño should never be one of them.
Replies Mark: 
This is satire...I was relieved that the actual best green chile in Denver was not on the list...they are busy enough.
Concludes Zack:
 This is where boring people who are basically walking LL Bean catalogues go for green chile.
For the record, you can see our most recent list of Denver's top ten green chile spots here. In addition to Brewery Bar II, it includes the food truck Adoba, Chihuahua Cafe, El Tejado, El Taco de Mexico, La Fogata, North County, Santiago's, Santo and Una Mas.

La Fogata won the Best Green Chile spot in the Best of Denver 2019, and we're already spoon-deep in research for the next edition, due out at the end of March. We're not just hunting for great green chile, either; we're looking at worthwhile dishes all over Denver.

If you have a favorite you think we should try, spill! You can simply post a comment, or email your suggestions to [email protected]