Openings and Closings

Glazed & Confuzed Will End Its Doughnut Roll by Year End

Linnea Covington
Time is running out to fill up on Glazed & Confuzed doughnuts.
Glazed & Confuzed has been Denver's tastiest doughnut connection in one form or another for the past eight years. But founder Josh Schwab is ending his reign as the city's duke of doughnuts. Schwab's creations have  been sold at 2501 Dallas Street inside the Stanley Marketplace since 2017 and at 4660 South Yosemite Street in Greenwood Village since earlier this year, but the south suburban outpost is now closed and the Stanley shop will shutter at the end of this month.

Schwab posted this note on the Glazed & Confuzed Facebook page:

AFTER 8 YEARS WE HAVE DECIDED TO SHUT DOWN THE FRYERS!!! Sad to say that the time has come and we are closing down the donut shop. We have worked our buns off to get these donuts to you every morning but sometimes you gotta know when to throw in the towel. Waking up everyday at the wee hours in the morning gets to you after a while and we just can’t do it anymore. THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR FANS WHO HAVE MADE THESE PAST 8 YEARS SOMETHING SPECIAL!!! Are we gone for good???? Maybe it’s possible to see us in a pop-up somewhere in the future but for now it’s time to ride off into the sunset. DTC will close after today and @ohheystanley will close DEC 31st! So you still have about a month to enjoy our famous donuts. THANK YOU TO @ohheystanley for giving us the platform to get our donuts out to the state of #Colorado we owe you everything!! If you have any questions you can always DM me. THANKS EVERYONE FOR MAKING THESE PAST 8 YEARS SOME OF THE BEST OF MY LIFE. Josh Schwab D.E.O.
The doughnut maker launched his mobile doughnut business in 2012 before opening his first brick-and-mortar shop at 5301 Leetsdale Drive in 2014. After the lease ended there, Glazed & Confuzed reopened inside the then-new Stanley Marketplace, where fans have snatched up Confuzed Samoas, Sweet & Saltys and other inspired flavor combinations for the past two and a half years. The doughnuts have also been a staple at food festivals and other special events around the Front Range, and there was briefly a Glazed & Confuzed station at Broadway Market.

For the next few weeks, Schwab will keep getting up early to make the doughnuts, so you can still get your fix until December 31 — and maybe load up your freezer for the coming doughnut-less days of 2020.