Ask a Stoner: Do Weed Products Get Seasonal?

Dear Stoner: Does the pot industry get seasonal with it? Christmas edibles, strains and whatnot?

Dear Blitzen: Beer’s had a long time to establish stouts and winter warmers, but their popularity is still rooted in the body and flavors that we want during the cold season. Clever names and a few years of established marketing also help; just look at how pumpkin spice ruined everything after Starbucks dumped it on us. As Leafly’s list of fall-inspired strains pointed out earlier this year, there’s really nothing stopping breeders from pushing toward strains with terpene profiles that remind us of seasonal herbs and spices, drinks and activities. At the very least, pinene is easy to pass off as a wreath or Christmas tree. Legal weed is still evolving, though, so give the greed some time.

Edibles makers have more opportunities with seasonal treats. Incredibles makes fall-, winter- and New Year’s-inspired candy bars — my favorite is the New Year’s bar with popping candy bits — while Sweet Grass Kitchen’s mini pumpkin pies are great for Friendsgivings. Coda Signature’s hot chocolate on a spoon was a hit last winter, and Broncos diehards have fun with Wana Brands Gameday Gummies, which are just blue-and-orange weed gummies.

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