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Reader: Banning Flavored Vapes? A Pointless Solution to a Nonexistent Problem

Colorado has one of the highest teen vaping rates in the U.S., leading state lawmakers to consider restricting or banning certain vaping products. Now, the state's largest city is taking up that charge.

Conor McCormick-Cavanagh reports that Mayor Michael Hancock is considering an outright ban in Denver, among other proposals, such as limiting product sales, particularly of flavored vapes that attract teens.

And that has some readers smokin' mad! Says Vincent:
Ridiculous. He’s never been in a grow, he’s never visited a Denver dispensary, he’s never done anything to educate himself about cannabis. Despite it all, this Prohibitionist twit thinks he knows more than the state legislators and policy experts.
Adds Devin: 
A pointless solution to a nonexistent problem. Cool.
Points out Brian:
 If we didn't do war on drugs/class warfare BS, then they would have to actually address a real issue for once.
But Jason responds: 
Bro, please it's a different kind of vape, that other stuff is from China, please, there's different kinds of vape, bro, those kids who are being hospitalized en masse don't know. I've done the research, bro. Please.
And Katy adds: 
Not everyone likes walking through your clouds of cotton-candy scented garbage, man.
Responds Heather: 
Let’s ban public smoking of all kinds!
Counters Chris:
Yes let’s continue to ban things and turn right into a Orwellian society 100 percent. No need to practice freedom of choice!
Concludes Maury: 
Guess we need to ban whipped cream and birthday cake vodka too, because adults don’t like flavors.
"[The mayor] is very much in support of protecting our youth," says Bob McDonald, executive director of the Department of Public Health and Environment. "He recognizes the problem. He recognizes that vape products are a gateway to more conventional tobacco products."

In early December, local public health officials met with mayoral staff to present a range of policy proposals designed to tackle youth vaping and nicotine use, such as banning the sale of menthol cigarettes, prohibiting the sale of flavored vaping products, or even banning the sale of electronic cigarette devices. City officials are likely to start a stakeholder engagement process related to the policy options in the next few months.

Aspen, Boulder, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Snowmass Village have all enacted some sort of ban on flavored vaping products, according to Healthier Colorado, an organization advocating for such bans.

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