Get Your Womxn's March Sign Inspo Right Here

Ladies and those who love us, get out those markers and poster boards. The fourth annual Womxn's March Denver is tomorrow, January 18, and what started as a way for women to vent their frustrations after the 2016 election has turned into a full-fledged celebration, with an art exhibit, vocal and percussion performances, art and healing workshops and, of course, a big-ass march through Denver.

We've gathered some of the best signs from past Womxn's Marches (rebranded after the 2018 Women's March to be more inclusive of the trans community). Browse through and get inspired.

The march takes off at 10 a.m. from Civic Center Park. To get things rolling, an acappella and drum performance is scheduled for 9 a.m. The free Impact Expo at the McNichols Building in the park follows the march and will include sixty nonprofit groups working on women's issues.

“More than just a March, we are building an ongoing movement based on community feedback about issues important to Denver-area womxn,” says Angela Astle, Womxn’s March Denver leadership team member and spokesperson. “As our volunteer team has matured in its fourth year and deepened with the establishment of our nonprofit status, we celebrate the opening of the door representing our constitutional right to vote, and continue the work to uplift those whose voting rights took far longer to secure and whose communities are still oppressed."

The march begins at the corner of West 14th Avenue and Bannock Street and continues along West 13th Avenue, Lincoln Street, back to West 14th, Grant Street and Colfax Avenue before returning  to Bannock. There will be no rally afterward; instead, the action will move to the McNichols Building, for the free expo and entertainment (including a "Mongolian yurt collaborative art project with Denver-based artist Eriko Tsongo," according to organizers), as well as two paid seminars and the recording of a podcast.

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