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Reader: Roger Waters Is Another Foreigner Trying to Influence the Election

Roger Waters is returning to Denver.
Chris Walker
Roger Waters is returning to Denver.
The announcement that Roger Waters, who built his name with Pink Floyd, is bringing his This Is Not a Drill tour to Denver on September 2 got a quick response from readers.

They debated everything from Waters's stance on Israel to whether Brits are perverted. And then the discussion got into a debate over the finances (and hypocrisy) of big concert tours. Here are just some of the comments about Roger Waters, music, politics, and where they all intersect.

Says Adam: 
...and in September of an election year. Music is supposed to be an escape from all that bullshit. It’ll end up being a Brit losing his mind about Trump. Yeah dude...we get it.
Counters James: 
Roger Waters isn't a fair-weather activist; he will stand up against a warmongering Democrat or Republican all the same. Bootlickers hate him for obvious reasons.
Comments Jeff:
 I can’t wait to pay $300 to $350 for a ticket to listen to Roger’s three-hour rant against capitalism while he simultaneously sells $30 sweatshirts in his merch booth for $140 to unsuspecting Americans. It’s quite an impressive and deceptive spectacle, if one has the capacity to wrap their head around what is actually going on. On top of that, he’ll be doing all this while he’s on a stage in a foreign country trashing that country’s government. Who does that, anyway?? Really, though, isn’t Roger just another foreigner trying to influence the next U.S. election? He is, but most people won’t notice and of those who do, many won’t care...because he’s not Russian and the media isn’t telling them to.
Replies Jason: 
LOL that comment sounds like it came from a grouchy old man in 1971. "These long-hairs coming here and smoking dope and trying take away our freedom." You are exactly the reason he still makes money.

Responds Jeff:  
Great comment. I love it! ...but I feel the opposite where he’s the grouchy hypocritical old man. I love his show. I just wish there wasn’t a misguided political rally in the middle of it....and his whole capitalism is a terrible position while he’s sucking off — golf ball through a garden hose-style — the very system he condemns...and no one notices or cares!!
Jason again: 
Jeff, people are literally going to pay hundreds of dollars to listen and cheer on a guy rant on and on about capitalism. The irony is palpable.
Jeff gets the final word...for now: 
 I agree, but that’s been the whole story of rock and roll since its inception. Roger Waters has always been a douche. Remember when he sued the Bloodhound Gang for even mentioning him? Or when Metallica got mad at Napster and filed for an injunction in the courts? Haha. All corporate rock sucks.
And SirKit concludes: 
Oh, and despite the political venom here, the Pepsi Center will still be packed. Have a nice day.
Yes, the audiovisual extravaganza will be at the Pepsi Center, where the show will be presented in the round. Tickets go on sale January 31 at Ticketmaster.