Drekar Adds a Viking-Themed Meadery to Colorado Springs

Time to lop off some limbs and/or drink some mead.
Drekar Meadery
Time to lop off some limbs and/or drink some mead.
Nothing's more fitting than drinking mead in a Viking-theme meadery. Fortunately, Drekar Meadery recently opened its doors in Colorado Springs. Owners Mike Sonderby and Timothy Martin were inspired by their Scandinavian ancestry and fascination with the history and myths of the Norse people, leading them toward the Viking theme at the new meadery.

Sonderby started making mead at home six years ago after discovering his Danish ancestry. “His home brew was just so good that we decided we could make a real business out of it,” Martin notes.

All of the Drekar meads are made on site with Colorado Springs honey and no chemical clarifiers, and Sonderby uses whole fruits to flavor his fruited meads. Currently, there are three varieties available: Freyr’s Sail is a traditional mead with Colorado wildflower honey; Freya’s Tears is made with raspberries; and Loki’s Barb is made with blackberries. Along with these flagships, there will be experimental brews periodically popping up.

So far, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “We have been absolutely blown away by the response we have had to Drekar opening up,” Martin says. The business partners have already sold more than two-thirds of the first batch in the three weeks since opening.

click to enlarge Quaff some blackberry mead at the new Drekar Meadery. - DREKAR MEADERY
Quaff some blackberry mead at the new Drekar Meadery.
Drekar Meadery

“We have already added more tanks and almost doubled our brew capacity to help meet the demand,” Martin says. 

Martin and Sonderby did much of their own wood work to build out their meadery to evoke the Norse style. “Our tasting room is small, but we made some gorgeous long tables and high-tops, and our bar is a live edge slab of Blue Spruce with a Lichtenberg etch [a lightning-design made with electricity] down the center,” Martin says.

Right now, the tasting room is the only place to try Drekar mead, but Sonderby and Martin plan to begin distribution in the near future. The tasting room is located at 908 North Circle Drive, Suite E, in Colorado Springs. The tasting room is open from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit the Drekar Meadery website or call 719-434-8402.