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The Ten Best Restaurants for Brunch With Kids in Denver

Linnea Covington
Kids like pancakes for brunch whether at HashTAG or somewhere else.
There's no doubt that Denver is a brunch-loving city, but the mid-morning meal isn't just for hipsters, loud ladies and hungover couples in for some hair of the dog. Kids dig breakfast foods, too — especially with fun presentations and bright colors. What they don't dig is a long wait to eat or fancy table settings. No matter how awesome the place is for grownups, no child wants to sit at a table for more than 45 minutes. That's why these ten restaurants are great for family brunch outings: They offer tasty and inexpensive fare, they take reservations or don't usually have a wait, they offer little ones enough space to feel unrestricted, and they provide quick service with an eye on the kiddos. And some of them extend the fun beyond the weekend, offering great breakfast eats all week long.

click to enlarge Get brunch with the family at Bacon Social House. - BACON SOCIAL HOUSE
Get brunch with the family at Bacon Social House.
Bacon Social House

Bacon Social House

2434 West 44th Avenue

You can ply your finicky eater with piles of glorious bacon at this Sunnyside eatery (it's in the name, after all), but there are plenty of other goodies any somewhat normal kid will also get excited about. We're talking smiley-face pancakes, French toast, cheeseburgers and tater tots laced with bacon. Yes, the food speaks to the younger set, but so does the laid-back setting that, in the warmer weather, also encompasses a large, secluded patio. Make a reservation and enjoy brunch with your little ones every day, starting at the acceptable kids' hour of 7:30 a.m.

Cozy Cottage has been serving breakfast in Berkeley for years. - WESTWORD
Cozy Cottage has been serving breakfast in Berkeley for years.

Cozy Cottage

4363 Tennyson Street

Make a reservation in one of Denver's most bustling neighborhoods for some solid, no-frills brunch that will have the whole family smiling all weekend. The eatery opens at 7 a.m. and serves American and Mexican fare until 3 p.m., both inside the cozy walls and on the vast garden patio. Kids love digging in to the simple food, wandering around the yard while they wait, and making friends with the hordes of other children doing the same thing. Crepes and breakfast tacos prove popular, as well as stacks of griddle cakes and the fruit split — a healthy take on the ice cream dessert, loaded with banana, berries, granola and sweet whipped cream. At this family-run restaurant, all of the food is made fresh by chef/owner Michael Mueller, who learned all he knows about the business from his late mother, Jeanette.

click to enlarge A busy breakfast at the Denver Diner. - KENZIE BRUCE
A busy breakfast at the Denver Diner.
Kenzie Bruce

Denver Diner

740 West Colfax Avenue

The Denver Diner seems built just for children, since the large, well-lit place serves simple and homey food without breaking the bank when Mom and Dad are treating the whole family. Guests can entertain their brood in the wide, refurbished booths or roomy tables over piles of giant pancakes and stacks of thin, crunchy bacon. The quick, no-nonsense service at this 24-hour joint guarantees you'll be in and out before the temper tantrums start, and if there happens to be a wait, it won't take too long to get a table.

click to enlarge The HashTAG hot cakes. - DANIELLE LIRETTE
The HashTAG hot cakes.
Danielle Lirette


10155 East 29th Drive

Chef Troy Guard has opened his fair share of restaurants in Denver, but this is the only one dedicated to breakfast. It's fun and colorful, and the menu has plenty of options, making it perfect for your kids' morning meal. While HashTAG doesn't take reservations, there's an online wait list so you can view wait time in advance and plan accordingly. Once there, kids can order from a special children's menu comprising Lucky Charms waffles, a pancake corn dog, flapjacks, warm doughnuts, basic eggs and potatoes and French toast, or they can go with anything off the regular menu that might strike their fancy, whether creative Benedicts, omelets, hashes or a selection of "healthy-ish" dishes (just have an answer ready when they ask what "wake and bake" means). Enjoy this spread with your little ones every day from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

click to enlarge Pizza for breakfast at Punch Bowl Social might be every child's dream. - AMBER BOUTWELL FOR PUNCH BOWL SOCIAL
Pizza for breakfast at Punch Bowl Social might be every child's dream.
Amber Boutwell for Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social

3120 Uinta Street

Win parent points with the cinnamon-dusted monkey bread at this festive eatery; it comes warm with caramel sauce, and the whole family can share it before the other goodies come out. There's no dedicated kids' brunch menu here, but the little ones can order eggs from the regular menu or try something from the all-day children's menu, which includes flatbread pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches. Punch Bowl Social also has tons of board games you can bring to your table, plus bowling, miniature golf and other exciting activities that most restaurants don't offer, which adds to the fun — and give you extra bribery leverage to keep the kiddos in line. And if things go really well, treat your little ones to an epic milkshake from the bar's new milkshake lab, where liquid desserts come laced with cake, chocolate, nuts, gummy worms, cotton candy and a whole slew of other goodies. Enjoy this weekend extravaganza starting at 9 a.m.