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Reader: Marijuana Keeps a Marriage Mellow and the Sex Smokin'

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Did you light up with your beloved on Valentine's Day? Do couples who toke together stay together? A reader recently asked that question of our Stoner, who generally sticks to discussing marijuana, not marriage.

But in any relationship, he notes, having things in common can be important. And some readers agree that very common consumption can keep couples together.

Says Alesia: 
Yes. Going on 35 years.
Responds Joe:
Hell, yes...marijuana keeps our marriage mellow and our sex smokin'.
Adds Nicholson: 
Gotta do something together.
Responds Dorian: 
True. It’s also nice to come home to a happy, relaxed SO.
Adds Robert:
Yeah, otherwise the anti-smoker is gonna start blaming all their problems on your weed.
Counters Michael:
You're really shallow if you think substance use determines the success of a relationship. Just sayin. 
Concludes Teresa: 
Coming up on 29 years together; he smokes on a daily basis. It's not my thing, however, I think we'll be okay.
While the anecdotal evidence is mixed, one recent study demonstrated that cannabis consumption can impact how couples interact. In a survey of nearly 1,000 people involved in a relationship in which at least one person used cannabis, 24.3 percent of the men said that they or their partner didn’t smoke weed before becoming a couple, but they both do now, and 22.6 percent of women said much the same. Nearly 10 percent of all participants reported that they and their partners started smoking weed together, while around 50 percent of them agreed that sex is better when both partners use marijuana.

Maybe couples who toke together really do stay together.

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