Ask a Stoner: Which Presidential Candidates Would Be Fun to Toke With?

Dear Stoner: Which presidential candidate would you want to smoke a joint with the most?

Dear Daryl:
There are people from so many other walks of life whom I’d rather smoke a joint with than politicians — but on the other hand, how many times have you been convinced of something weird, or simply the opposite of what you believed beforehand, thanks to a fat doob with a conspiracy theorist?
Selfishly speaking, I’d love to see what I could convince President Trump to do after sneaking hash into the joint, even though he’d probably bogart the shit out of it. Bernie would probably want to take the roach home for his roommates, which is totally fine, as long as he’s up front about it. Joe Biden would take way too much convincing to join in, end up partaking only when he’s drunk, and then quickly fall asleep without saying anything coherent.

Shockingly, my options seem limited. Is that guy named Zultan still running?

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